Why Jervis?

Jervis Systems stands out for the
following qualities:


Easy Property Automation

Why muddle through figuring out confusing apps and technology in automating your property?


Delegate to an automated system

Why not delegate your day-to-day life and rental guest services to an automated system that works consistently and securely for you?


Repeatable access done easily

Unique property access solutions, you can set for guests, family and friends, you can set up your access commands and phone number in mere minutes.


Focus on your life and business

A platform for mastering smart home automation, streamline realtor home showings and vacation rental access management, while saving hours of time.

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Why we created Jervis Systems.

As a team of vacation rental professionals, we built this system from scratch to master the management of our own "Superhost" rental property. We wanted this system to help others in property automation, whether with short-term vacation rentals, or meeting real estate needs.

Jervis Systems Is Powerful

The incredible value Jervis Systems provides for the price, coupled with the feedback from guests, property owners, and company partners, has led to our decision to offer up our rental system for all property owners to use.

Supported Devices

Convenient Home Access & Automation

Jervis Systems offers solutions for diverse home automation requirements:

icon call2open/text2open

Call2Command / Text2Command

Want to control your property remotely? With a single text or call, you can now securely command your home space.

icon simple entry technology

Simple Entry Technology

This streamlined solution allows you, as a homeowner or vacation rental manager, to grant temporary or long-term access to guests.

icon Automated Access

Automated Access

Track and send email with randomly generated codes for smart locks and wireless access points to provide secure access.

icon realtor entry

Realtor Entry

We allow real estate agents and firms the ability to remotely manage showing windows for future owners and tenants.

Jervis System Property Concierge Icon

Jervis Systems Property Concierge

Turn home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Assistant into your own smart home personal assistants.

icon home automation

Home Automation

Want to create a cool routine at a certain time of day? Want to set a lighting routine for guests? We’ve got the feature for that.

Our Trusted Partners

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From the Jervis Team

Jervis Systems seeks to create a community connected by a powerful, easy-to-use platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I manage my property remotely with Jervis Systems?

    You can manage all aspects of short-term rental and property management with our Jervis Admin Portal. This includes personalizing the automated messages and checklists, users, roles, property details to your specific needs, among many other options to command and oversee your home.

    Coming Soon:
    Text2Command (T2C)
    Jervis Systems Property Concierge
    Automated Access with T2C
    Home Automation
    Realtor Entry

  • When will I be billed for my monthly subscription plan?

    You will be billed on the same date that you signed up and submitted your initial payment to activate your paid subscription.

  • What are the general payment terms?

    Users can select our plan at early bird pricing at $24.99/month, with additional charge per property added, going beyond the base property limit of 1 property included in our base monthly pricing. Each additional property is billed $15 per property, per month. We bill monthly on the anniversary of the user’s free trial sign up date in our Jervis Portal. The 7-day free trial is entirely free. The first charge will be a smaller prorated payment for the partial month immediately following the end of the 7-day free trial.

  • Is there a setup fee? Additional fees I should know about?

    There is no setup fee charged for integrating your home or property into our system.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Our team at Jervis Systems is constantly working on improving and adding additional capabilities. We want to do all we can to make our customers happy.

    If it so happens that you’re unhappy with our service at any time, you can cancel your subscription by contacting our team.

    We do not charge cancellation fees of any kind and you can cancel at any point before your next billing date. We will refund only the current month of membership.

  • What are the different roles with Jervis Systems? What can they do?

    Jervis Systems allows multiple users to enroll and use the automation tools that our Portal offers.

    You begin the signup process with us by selecting your main role within our system based on your key role in using the account and your responsibilities. You might have multiple properties, so we allow you the flexibility to add properties and specify your role and access needs.

    Additionally, multiple people can be a part of one property, but everyone must have their own Jervis Systems account.

    These are the current roles available on sign-up.

    • Property Owner
    • Property Manager
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Realtor
    • Guest

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