About Jervis Systems: The Start

Jervis Systems was born from many of the capabilities we built to meet the needs for a rental property in Ashburn, Virginia that we call Loudoun Escape. Our slogan for that property and business is “Business Travel Perfected”. I was constantly looking for ways to optimize the way we did things from a process improvement and smart home automation perspective. Tuo me, automation and process improvement mean less room for error, less confusion and frustration and the ability for repeatable tasks to be completed automatically and seamlessly. Our approach for business, our customer service and our automation stand out with our guests and others who heard about what we have done.

Several property owners and property managers reached out to me who heard about some of our automation and things we were doing and working on for Loudoun Escape. They asked me if I would like to manage their properties and set up the same automation. I had not made any of our capabilities at Loudoun Escape for the world to “plug” into or “use”. Developing Jervis has been a journey of learning for me and our team on creating our capabilities as a Software as a Service (SaaS) geared as a rental management platform.

We’ve established great partnership with incredible companies and people over the past few years. We also have several patent pending capabilities now of features we were working on for Loudoun Escape that we will offer with Jervis Systems.

Jervis is our way to offer the aspects we perfected for rental management for Loudoun Escape to the world. As we started to build out our rental management platform, we realized there is so much we can automate and streamline. There is also the ability to connect property staff (property managers and property owners) and vendors (handyman companies, cleaning companies and more) and facilitate services, payments and much more. There is also much more that can be done. The possibilities seem endless!

My goal with Jervis Systems is to build a platform that anyone can use for fun, for personal use or business use and to build a community around it. We do not want Jervis Systems to be limited to only those with a handful of properties. We want any property owner or property manager to sign up whether you have one property or 1000. I want to build a community around Jervis Systems where we solve real problems and have fun while we do it.

My goal with Jervis to build a platform that anyone can use and to build a community.


OWNER at Jervis Systems

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    We hold ourselves accountable to be honest about what we do and plan to do.


    We love what we do. We want to consistently learn, grow and creatively solve problems.

  • Focus

    We aim to remain focused to perfect the processes that lead others to success.

  • Transparency

    We want to be transparent with our users on our policies and what we offer.

  • Excellence

    We strive for stellar user experiences, quality integrations and constant innovation.

  • Customer Service

    We provide consistent, responsive support to our user community.


Global Team. United Skills.

Bobby Varghese


Lauren Shroll

Lead Integration Project Manager

Amber Bockin

Special Projects Consultant

Alper Okutgan

Lead Programmer

Janine Marie Cruz

Lead Web & Graphics Designer

Mahesh Kaila

Senior Programmer

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