Introducing the Call2Command Keyless Access Feature – Schlage Locks

We’ve been waiting to release the key details on one of our exciting patent-pending convenience features in Jervis Systems. As we’re making progress, I wanted to highlight this keyless access feature in more detail.

We have several great features in the works that I believe our users will love. I especially like this feature, called Call2Command. Currently it’s used regularly to manage the short-term rental property that our team owns and manages through Airbnb, called Loudoun Escape.

What Does Call2Command Do?

Our system is built to do exactly what Call2Command’s name implies Once configured through the Jervis Dashboard, a property owner, property manager or authorized renter or guest can configure the system to execute commands at the home. This is all based on options that can be selected in a menu on a phone call. This is all done after verifying that the commands are coming from an authorized user during an approved time period.

One of the use cases we initially support and offer to Jervis Systems users will be the ability to lock and unlock smart locks. Property staff can authorize what users are allowed to utilize this system and during which time periods. This can be set to indefinitely allow access for individuals, or to set specific dates and times for access.

Calling for Keyless Property Access

Access can be granted during a short-term rental period, or to give access to family or friends without having to give a copy of the keys. This feature can even be set up to allow access for a dog walker or a house sitter during very specific times. Additionally, realtors and real estate agents can also use it to unlock smart lock enabled doors to show properties to prospective buyers.

The possibilities are endless.

Call2Command opens far more virtual “doors” than just the enabled smart locks. It allows for commands to be issued at a property on any smart device that can be programmed.

My team and I are excited and looking forward to showing off this feature!

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Unlocking and Locking Schlage Smart Locks: A Demo

Below is a demo video of how this Call2Command capability works with smart locks by calling to unlock and lock the Schlage Sense and Schlage Encode locks.

I’ll share an Updates video once we’ve polished off our integration for the August and Yale locks. The Jervis Systems dashboard and mobile app will give property owners and property managers complete control in when and who they give access to this feature.

person wearing a black coat and sneakers sitting on front steps of home on their phone trying to call for keyless access to property
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

We have a complimentary feature called Text2Command that I will also showcase here in the next few weeks. I will do a separate blog post about why these features are beneficial. This will include why they lower the barrier of entry and allow property managers and owners to implement tiers of access control and entry in the keyless future of management. It’s one of the many benefits we aim to have as part of our Property Management System. We aim to decrease the workload of property management teams everywhere.

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Call2Command will be initially available only to beta testers and will be opened up to all users when Jervis Systems officially launches later this year.

If you would like to sign up for beta testing, please contact us and let us know! We’ll be opening beta user access the first week of August 2020!



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