COVID-19 Property Management Tips: 5 Key Things You Need to Know

There is no doubt that events have dramatically shifted with the COVID-19 outbreak. As you make sure you are safe by wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly, and social distancing, it’s essential as a property manager to make sure that your tenants, guests, and community members feel safe during this time as well. Every state has its regulations as to what they deem to be essential services. This makes tasks harder for you as a Property Manager when trying to decide what is okay to do so your business can keep running with the limitations in place. However, we’ve put together a brief list of essential property management tips to guide practices moving forward.

property management tips

The Property Management Tips You Need to Know As a Property Manager

As a Property Manager, you may have many questions about what safety procedures you should put in place to keep your tenants and guests safe. While we won’t have all the answers to your questions, this article will help guide you in the right direction as to what key things to take note of, so you are following both state and federal law and still providing your guest with the best possible experience.

property management tips

Here are five property management tips to help you get started

  1. Draft a detailed “Pandemic Plan”
  2. Know your State and County requirements
  3. Get an automated Property Management System
  4. Effective communication
  5. Prioritize emergency situations

Draft a detailed “Pandemic Plan”

While it’s difficult to know when things will go back to “normal,” it’s smart to prepare and adjust to what will be the new normal for most properties. It’s time to create a healthy plan that won’t only apply to this current pandemic but will help you prepare for future situations that are similar to what we are currently facing.

Know your State and County requirements

Get familiar and align your pandemic plan with your state regulations. This can help you handle those unsatisfied tenants or guests who are not happy about the safety regulations that are currently inconveniencing them. Make sure to share all important information with your tenants or guests in both digital and print, so they are aware of the rules you have to follow as a Property Manager. 

Get an automated Property Management System 

If you are not already using a system or looking for a better-equipped system to assist with your management needs, this is a great time to transition to using a reliable Property Management System, such as Jervis Systems. Our system allows you to manage rental agreements, automate reservation workflows, customize checklist templates, coordinate team members, fully sync your booking calendars with manageable alerts, and send chats and notifications. All these functionalities help you keep your team on track on what’s accomplished and what’s still to be done. 

Effective communication

With a platform like Jervis System, you can streamline the communication process, making it easy for both tenants and team members to complete tasks promptly and get important information. Your tenants will be asking a lot of questions, especially about on-site amenities and what the process is for them to have access to them right now. If you’ve completely shut down the use of facilities, having a reliable communication system helps keep guests at ease with documented plans to reopen and what the process will be once things have re-opened. 

Prioritize emergency situations 

As a Property Manager, we know your goal is to attend to every tenant or guest’s needs promptly. However, during a time like this, you have to ensure both your safety and the tenant or guest’s safety. At present, it’s more than okay to prioritize emergencies only. If there is an emergency repair that must be fixed right away, make sure to follow the CDC’s safety guidelines. 

Continuing Forward in Property Management

There’s a lot of unknowns in the journey forward as we navigate the situation that is determined by future events with the pandemic. Communication, maintaining cleanliness as specified in CDC regulations, and taking precautions to wash hands and wear masks, are major practices to come away with, regarding actions in the long-term.

Taking the time to communicate with your tenants speaks volumes, as future planning is uncertain. Prompt and comprehensive communication with the resources you have available is key. You remain transparent on your management efforts, convey what tenants and guests can feasibly expect, and build trust, understanding, and proper communication standards moving forward through 2020 and beginning 2021.

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